Im just another guy born in 1988, you can do the math your selfe!

Im passionate about technology, workingout and all the fysiological aspect of that lifestyle.


When i was 10 years old i got my first computer and i was pretty much a lost child after a week or so. The amount of information that lies just under the tip of your finger is amazing! Youtube has become the #1 place for people to research products of any kind and i’ve wasted alot of time there filling up my head with unusable but awesome facts!

«Did you know that you can swim through a blue whales aorta???»


Being active has allways played a big part of my life. I played football at a young age but realised it wasnt really my sport, and it wasnt untill a few years after i quit football that i found the activity that would keep me busy for years!

I started scuba diving! Brilliant activity for lazy people that want to see and experience a side of this planet that not everyone dares to explore! I spent most summers in Cyprus, Agia Napa, diving with great people learning alot everyday in the sunshine and crystal blue waters! it truly was a paradise!

From the age of 16 i started workingout in the gym lifting weights and loving every second of it! After about 4 years if workingout i persued my passion for diving and moved to Cyprus to become a PADI Instructor. I was lucky enough to help create the fundamentals of Scuba-Monkey!

Fast forward some years im back in norway and havent workedout for some years. workingout in 45 degrees celcius was not something my norwegian body liked so i left it on the shelf for some time. Skipping a few more years, (yep im getting old!), I have now hit the gym regularly for about 3 years now and i’ve set my selfe a crazy goal that i want to compete in fitness at some point!